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                Welcome to
Scrapbook "Fun" Addicts!

   Look for a few new kits to be added in the next couple of weeks Happy Holidays to all of you.

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Hi everyone we're finally back from all the shows, Thanks to everyone that came to them our schedule for next year is in the Upcoming Shows section.

  We have had a problem with one of the batches of the new #431 Celebrate kit.  If you are missing the yellow cake frosting please let us know.  We will need your ADDRESS to send the pieces to you when you contact us.  If you are missing any pieces to any of the kits or if you messed it up a piece we  will be happy to send you the pieces.  Don't forget to give us your address.  We really do try had to make sure all pieces are there.  It  messes up our day too.

**Remember there's FREE shipping on all orders if you order $100.00 or more of product**