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Scrapbook Shows Have Started!!!!

Just finished the St. Louis Show.  If you bought the Hello Spring Kit, check to see if you got your white egg. If not, give us your address and we will send it.  Sorry.  Thank you Joan for letting us know. 

**Remember Free shipping on orders of $100 or more of product.**

We found a few kits missing pieces.  The  New #450 Staying Gnome Kit, is missing staying letters and shadow, #447 Baby Boy is missing blue arm and the #461 is missing a hamburger patty.  Please email us with your address to ship to.  If you are missing any pieces to any of the kits or if you messed it up a piece we  will be happy to send you the pieces.  Don't forget to give us your address.  We really do try had to make sure all pieces are there.